Article Creation

 Article Creation

The days of keyword stuffing and so-called ‘Black Hat’ techniques to increase the chances of a good search engine ranking are over. As the major engines such as Google and Yahoo! tighten up their algorithms and criteria for inclusion, article creation and submissions to improve the ranking of your site have become more important than ever.

Article creation and submissions is a complex area, requiring multi-disciplinary skills in search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and a flair for writing interesting, creative and relevant content. The real benefit of article creation and submissions comes in the numerous applications this particular technique can be applied to.

An interesting and informative article, well written and captivating to both human visitors and the search engine spiders can boost your website’s PageRank enormously. By linking the article to other outlets, such as blogs or social network sites, you can increase the traffic back to your own site in return. The time invested in article creation and submissions can result in a noticeable return on your initial investment.

A really interesting article that captures reader’s imagination and attention can be syndicated across a multitude of portals, again maximising exposure for you and your business. By developing your article creation and submissions network across all forms of media, you are fundamentally covering all your bases. Various media outlets will pick up a good article, and if they think that your article has particular relevance, it could easily end up being cited as ‘the article to go to’. Ultimately, a good article can build up links as relevant parties see you as an authority on a particular topic, again maximising your ‘link juice’ with the search engines and boosting your PageRank.

Copy gets old quickly. Article creation and submissions is an ongoing process, requiring constant updating and additions. By building up a strong portfolio of article creation and submissions, you can bolster your online reputation and that of your business continuously. “Jus Digital” are experts in all aspects of web optimisation techniques, and are very aware of the importance of high quality article creation and submissions. They understand how difficult the process can be to navigate, and have an ability to place submissions where they will be most effective. “Jus Digital” can also work closely with you on article creation, guiding you through the complicated process of pleasing all the people, all the time. By creating articles that will be accepted by both human visitors and the search engine spiders, they can help you optimise your submissions to the most relevant portals, maximising your exposure amongst the right potential audience.

If you have something to say, there’s an audience out there that will listen. The trick is to make that audience as big as possible, and get them to keep listening. By employing effective article writing techniques, producing interesting, informative and above all relevant copy, an article can be circulated around the world, reaching a potentially massive audience and promoting your business as well as any formal advertising campaign could.

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