Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Target the most relevant users and only pay when your advert is clicked.

Our Facebook Advertising service offers the following benefits:

Flat monthly management fees.
Flexible monthly budgets.
Flexible contract terms.
Track your return on investment.
Target set demographics.

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Facebook advertising allows you target profiles based on certain demographics and interests, rather than targeting keywords. It drives targeted, relevant clicks to your website. With more than 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is a great channel for branding and direct return.

Facebook advertising is based on a CPM and CPC pricing model. Click can be directed to your website or your Facebook Fan page. The adverts consist of a text title and description and a small image. These adverts usually appear on profile pages, games and apps.

Tracking can be added to your destination URL’s so that your return on investment can be monitored accordingly.
There is no doubt Facebook has huge potential for advertisers. Utilising the vast amount of information that is available about your audience, you have the ability to target users by demographic and behaviour, something that no other display channel can offer.

Through accurate targeting Jus Digital deliver highly effective marketing campaigns by displaying your adverts to highly targeted customers, and because Facebook utilises a similar cost-per-click model to Google you can be sure that you only pay for the people who click on your advert!

We can target users by:

1) Keyword

2) Location

3) Age

4) Gender

5) Education

6) Relationship status

7) Sexual orientation

8 ) Language

9) Workplace

Promote your business on Facebook. Jus Digital offers professional Facebook business profile and Facebook fan page management. Drive “likes” and engage with your customers.

Our Facebook fan page management involves setting up and customising a Facebook Fan page. Having a Facebook business profile or fan page is hugely useful for business as a gateway to engage with your customers. Successful engagement can result in great brand exposure and increased revenue from this social chann

JusDigital’ Facebook Fan Page management service offers the following:

Set Up:

Facebook Page Set Up
Welcome Page with Vanity URL
Full Social & Blogging Integration
Social Commerce Set Up
A Guide to Social Engagement
A Guide to driving “likes” and website integrati


Monthly Reporting
Monthly Consultancy Call
Facebook Advertising Optimisation
Facebook Fan Page maintenance
Social Commerce maintenance