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Why Outsource Your PPC Management to JusDigital?

Established in 2011, JusDigital is one of the leading Pay Per Click or PPC Management & Marketing Agencies.  JusDigital employs only the best expert marketing professionals. All our Pay Per Click Management team & Account Managers are fully Google Adwords, Search Marketing Qualified with more than 20 years combined experience.

JusDigital has experience in Pay Per Click & PPC management for any budget, from £1000 per month £30,000 per month across multiple industries. The benefits of Jus Digital Consult Pay Per Click & PPC Management is broken down into a number of areas:

Pay Per Click & PPC Management Consultation

With any Pay Per Click or PPC campaign, the first step is consultation; understanding your business and understanding your objectives. As part of our pay per click management service we will take you through an initial brief, review any previous data, discuss your business and industry and understand your objectives in order to deliver optimum PPC management.

Pay Per Click & PPC Management – ROI/CPA Targets

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It is important from the start of your Pay Per Click campaign that Jus Digital Consult, as your Pay Per Click Management team, understands what you require back from your investment in order to provide appropriate PPC management. Our Pay Per Click management team measure this in two ways: firstly Return On Investment; understanding the percentage you require in return for what your spend is, and secondly Cost Per Acquisition; this is measured through a set cost per lead or order generated through Pay Per Click Advertising. Our PPC management team uses this information to develop a tailor made Pay Per Click management campaign for your business.

Pay Per Click & PPC Management – Build and Implementation

The build of a Pay Per Click & PPC campaign is essential. This is the basis from which you will generate traffic and deliver a ROI or CPA. As part of our Pay Per Click management service, Click Consult will use multiple research tools to ensure your campaign maximises its build potential, using various in-house tested PPC management techniques for short and long tail search terms. Our Pay Per Click management team will also have an implementation strategy in place to maximise the launch of your Pay Per Click & PPC Management campaign.

Pay Per Click & PPC Management – Account Optimisation

Imagine your Pay Per Click or PPC campaign with 500,000 phrases. How do you optimise your campaigns, we use a number of PPC Management methods to optimise Pay Per Click accounts with our PPC management services. There is an element of manual optimisation and software optimisation.  It is essential a Pay Per Click account is optimised on a regular basis to maximise your ROI/CPA, reduce your Cost-Per-Click and maximise your Click-Through-Rate. All of these details can be taken care of by our experienced PPC management team.

Pay Per Click & PPC Management – Reporting

You can log in and review reporting data relating to your Pay Per Click management account and also on other areas of marketing you have with Click Consult. This ensures that the client is fully informed at every step with our PPC management services.

To discuss how our Pay Per Click / PPC management services can win business for your company, Contact JusDigital today.