Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To achieve a high organic listing on search engines, a natural search engine optimisation company needs considerable knowledge of how search engine algorithms work and the keywords potential customers would search for in relation to an industry.
Online marketing is the art of developing, managing and maximising your budget via the online medium in order to produce tangible and quantifiable results and return on your initial investment.

Search Engine Optimisation & SEO Consultation

It is important we understand your requirements from your Search Engine Optimisation project. The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation is to maximise targeted traffic through ethical SEO techniques. Initially JusDigital Search Engine Optimisation team will analyse the traffic statistics for your industry, identify keywords and phrases to deliver the most targeted traffic and analyse your current positioning for any such terms.

Search Engine Optimisation & SEO Work Plan

When our Search Engine Optimisation team has completed the SEO analysis and identified the Search Engine Optimisation target keywords, we formulate a tailored Search Engine Optimisation work plan, split into 2 different areas:

On Page Search Engine Optimisation & SEO

On Page Search Engine Optimisation includes everything the Search Engines find when visiting your website and is what most people think of when they hear the term “Search Engine Optimisation”. Through our research and experience, our Search Engine Optimisation team have formulated a quality assurance check of over 100 key Search Engine Optimisation actions for your website to be ranked within the Search Engines. On page Search Engine Optimisation is completed at the start of the project and then checked on a monthly basis by our Search Engine Optimisation team. This also includes professional Search Engine Optimisation copywriting where required. After our Search Engine Optimisation QA, we finish On Page SEO in preparation for launch of your website with this part of the Search Engine Optimization process completed.

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation & SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation is critical to the long term authority of your website and combines with your On Page Search Engine Optimisation to establish a long term presence for the target keywords. Our Off Page Search Engine Optimisation is carried out monthly and includes the following SEO aspects at different levels depending on how competitive your industry is:

  • SEO aspect 1: Directory Submissions
  • SEO aspect 2: Article Creation and Submission into Article Directories
  • SEO aspect 3: Themed Links From Other Websites to Improve Traffic
  • SEO aspect 4: Blog Integration, including blog writing and posting
  • SEO aspect 5: Social Media Marketing

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to your SEO success and long term Search Engine authority.

Search Engine Optimisation & SEO Reporting

When your Search Engine Optimisation project is launched, we keep you updated with regular Search Engine Optimisation reports. These include traffic analysis, ranking reports detailing positions and changes month on month by keyword, ROI/CPA data, and all off page Search Engine Optimisation carried out, detailing reports of submissions, articles and links. All of the Search Engine Optimisation reports will be available to view with your unique SEO login to our online Search Engine Optimisation reporting system.

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Marketing is something that you simply cannot ignore – it’s huge, exciting and here to stay. Online marketing is now at the core of most modern day business and is something that you simply cannot ignore – it’s huge, exciting and here to stay.
Embracing online marketing can be a daunting task whether you’re new to it or you’re looking to re-structure an existing campaign.

With companies dependence on their online presence, it is always imperative that any modification of the online marketing strategy has minimal or no impact on the business. At Jusdigital we sit down and carefully review and plan an online marketing strategy that ensures we can move you forward cleanly and effectively to a productive and effective solution.