Social Media

Social Media

Social networking sites exploded onto the Internet a few years ago and since then have continued to grow at an enormous rate. But the network sites like MySpace and Facebook are not the only forms of social media out there. Social media marketing can also include social bookmarking sites such as Del.ici.ous, and Google Bookmarks, social news sites like Digg and Reddit and even the mighty Wikipedia, an example of a social answers service. Social media submissions to sites such as these can raise your profile rapidly, and can be incorporated into an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign too.
Social media submissions immediately expose you and your business to a completely new potential audience. Using social media marketing techniques and social media submissions can help to boost your rankings, both amongst human users and amongst the search engine spiders that crawl the Internet, looking for relevant pages to catalog. But be warned. Whilst social media audiences can be very supportive, they can also be your harshest critics too.

Because of the more relaxed approach of most social networking sites, there tends to be a great deal more interaction between users and those producing social media submissions. If visitors to your submission think that your content is relevant to their search or their interests, then there is a very good chance that your social media submissions can act as a direct portal to your other website pages, increasing the flow of traffic.

This increase of traffic will be picked up by the spiders, telling them that your content is of interest and worth cataloging. This in turn increases your chances of raising your PageRank in the main search engine listings. Social media submissions help you to develop a network of individuals who share your interests, ultimately building links. As this form of link creation is solely based on the quality of content, it is a very search engine-friendly technique that produces stable links and added ‘link juice’ to your site.

As the social media network is so vast, it pays to have a clear plan before launching into a social media submissions campaign. At JusDigital, we take into account all aspects of website optimisation and SEO development, including the impact that an effective social media submissions campaign can have. Social media traffic can have a poor conversion rate into end-user ratios, so working with a company like Jus Digital can save you time and money.

We can guide you step by step through the process, developing an effective campaign that will offer you the greatest return on your initial investment. By producing good quality material that can cover a range of social media submissions, Jus Digital can help you maximise your potential, increase conversions through to your primary site and promote you and your business to a much larger audience. We know how to target social media submissions to achieve maximum results, both for end-users and to develop higher rankings amongst the major search engines.

If you would like to know more about how social media submissions can help your Internet presence grow, Contact Jus Digital now to discuss your options with one of our experts.